When you make a donation to Meat Free Week, you can be confident of where your money goes.

Meat Free Week has experienced huge growth since the campaign started in 2013, and has secured an exciting future with prominent charity Bowel Cancer Australia.

Participants of Meat Free Week have the opportunity to raise funds to support Bowel Cancer Australia’s vital bowel cancer prevention programs or elect to have the funds they raise reinvested directly back into the Meat Free Week campaign, enabling us to continue our growth globally.

So come on, sign up for the challenge and help create real change at

Bowel Cancer Australia

There are 15,000 reasons to support Bowel Cancer Australia - one for each person whose life will be changed when they are diagnosed with bowel cancer, and that's just in one year. Unlike many other cancers, bowel cancer is preventable, yet:

+ it is the second biggest cancer killer of Australians, after lung cancer;

+ 77 Australians - males and females, young and old - lose their lives to this cancer every week.

Bowel Cancer Australia's vision is to have an everlasting impact on our health future – one where no Australian dies from bowel cancer.

Founded in 2000, Bowel Cancer Australia has grown significantly in the scope of its activities.  However, it is still driven by a small core team of staff and volunteers.  Proudly 100% community-funded, Bowel Cancer Australia receives no government funding. 

Bowel Cancer Australia makes real change happen across the entire continuum of care to help prevent, detect and manage bowel cancer.  It has earned a leading role in these activities while working with health organisations, government, business and volunteers to further leverage its efforts and results.

Charity initiatives such as Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, BowelScreen Australia® and Get Your Rear in Gear program raise awareness among health professionals and the community about the importance of early detection and intervention in the successful treatment of bowel cancer.

Through our bowel cancer community peer-to-peer network, we provide support, resources and advocacy for bowel cancer patients, their carers, close relatives and friends.

Bowel Cancer Australia is grateful to the many people who do a fantastic job in raising funds for our charity, and we are also indebted to our Patrons, Ambassadors and corporate partners who provide invaluable support for our work.

Please support Bowel Cancer Australia to help save lives and to improve the health and wellbeing of people living with bowel cancer.

For more information, please visit:

“We are excited to continue to be involved with Meat Free Week. Going meat free for seven days for Meat Free Week is a great way to get Aussies thinking about the amount of meat they eat, and cutting down to help reduce their bowel cancer risk.” Claire Annear, Community Engagement Manager

Meat Free Week

With a shared passion for animal welfare, Meat Free Week was founded by Australians, Lainie Towner and Melissa Hobbs, who agreed it was time to stop talking and take action.

In 2013 Meat Free Week Australia became a reality, and expanded to include Meat Free Week UK in 2015. A simple idea that could create positive change – a campaign that would get people thinking and talking about meat consumption and production.

Meat Free Week (August 1st - 8th, 2016) is about making the choice to eat less meat, care more and feel good.

Going meat free for one week creates a delicious opportunity to get people thinking about how much meat they eat and the impact eating too much may have.

With education, awareness and the information to make informed choices, the goal is that for the other 51 weeks of the year meat-eaters will consider portion sizes when including meat as part of a balanced diet.

As the proud health partner of Meat Free Week since 2014, Bowel Cancer Australia is pleased to continue supporting this dynamic awareness and fundraising campaign that motivates action.

Participants will have the opportunity to raise funds in support of Bowel Cancer Australia’s vital bowel cancer prevention programs or elect to have the funds they raise reinvested into the campaign, to support its continuation and expansion.

"When we came up with the idea for Meat Free Week back in 2012, we never envisaged the groundswell of support it would have received. After three solid years in Australia and the launch of Meat Free Week UK in 2015, we truly believe that Meat Free Week can become a global initiative. With your help and support, we can make that happen." Melissa Hobbs & Lainie Bracher, Meat Free Week Founders