Get Your Fruit & Veg Out

Meat Free Week provides the perfect opportunity to try out plant-based foods, get more fruits and veggies in your meals and see whether a meat-reduced diet is for you, even if it's just for one week.

For vegetarians and vegans, the campaign provides a great chance to share some of their favourite meat free recipes with friends and family - all for a wonderful cause!

But if you're looking for another good excuse to get involved this Meat Free Week, we've put together some more great reasons to 'Get Your Veg Out'.

+ Fruit, vegetables and happiness

Meat Free Week can offer physical and mental benefits according to new research.

Eating fruit and vegetables may increase happiness levels with each extra portion consumed

+ Microgreens

The new specialty green that’s sweeping the nutrition world.

Find out more about these tasty morsels at

+ Extend your Meat Free Monday

Five ways to extend Meat Free Monday all the way to Sunday.

Check out these tips to make things really easy 

+ Top Tips to get kids eating well

We chat with a few everyday super mums (and dads) to find out what has worked for them to get their kids excited about all of the wonderful, plant-based foods our planet has to offer.

Read all ten tips at

+ Make the most of water

Mix it up with naturally based fruit and vegetable flavourings.

Try these fun and tasty combinations

+ Pulses 

High in protein, fibre and minerals.

Find out more about the power of pulses


Move over edamame, lupins are the new bean on the block!

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Read why everyone is going lupy for lupins at

+ Cinnamon

Everyone needs a little spice in their life every now and then.

Spice things up with cinnamon

+ Tips on Teff

The new ancient super grain.

Find out what makes Teff so super at  

+ Best of the Season (Winter)

Take advantage of the glut of citrus fruit this winter season by making fresh juices to add zest to any meal. 

Recipes and tips for what's best of the season available now at

+Best of the Season (Summer)

Summer is the time to take advantage of the BBQ, eat outdoors and enjoy the seasonal availability of stone fruits and berries. 

Recipes and tips for what's best of the season available now at


More great reasons to get your fruit and veg out this Meat Free Week!

Reasons to


Eat Less

+ Challenge yourself to give up meat this Meat Free Week.

+ Bowel cancer risk increases with the amount of meat consumed.


Care More

+ Consider the impact of eating too much meat.


Feel Good

+ Your choices have the power to make real change happen.