Meat Free Week Info

Meat Free Week challenges participants to give up meat for seven days and raise funds for a great cause.
Are you up for the challenge? Register today and help make real change happen.

As you’ve probably worked out, Meat Free Week is aimed at meat eaters, but that doesn’t mean vegetarians and vegans can’t get involved. 

We hope that Meat Free Week creates an opportunity for you to encourage meat loving friends or family to take a break from meat for a week and discover some great, meat free, plant-based alternatives.

Thanks for your support!

+ Get Involved

+ Ask some meat loving friends to sign up for the challenge.

+ Sponsor them and/or offer to cook a meat free meal during the week.

+ Host a dinner party during Meat Free Week and ask guests to make a donation in support of the campaign.

+ If you are alreday vegetarian, you may like to challenge yourself to go vegan for the week.

+ Arrange a gathering where everyone brings along a vegetarian or vegan plate. At the end, pass a hat around so that people can contribute what they feel the meal was worth. 

+ Organise a night out at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant or cafe.  Ask everyone to chip in a bit extra and donate the contribution to the campaign.

+ If you're short on time, then one of the simplest ways to get involved is to make a donation to support the continued growth of the Meat Free Week movement.

If you have other ideas, feel free to contact us and we'll send you our Fundraising Proposal Form to complete.