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Mix it up to make water more tasty and fun with naturally based flavourings.


Choose water that is either flat or sparkling, cold or room temperature dependant on tolerance and preference.

Other water choices are soda water or mineral water, and for a little sweetness and hydration try coconut water.

Soda water does contain a low volume of salt as do some mineral waters, read the label if you are salt intolerant or have been told to avoid salt.

Note: for ostomates: strain water containing any herbs, spice, fruit, and vegetables, or roots that have fibrous component or pips and seeds.


+ Herbs

There are many herbs that can flavour water, it will depend on taste preference, and here are some fresh ideas.

+ Fresh herbs

Herbs are best muddled, read the end of the document to find out how.

Try fresh mint, Thai basil, Kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, fresh lavender, fennel, dill, or coriander.

Leave fruit content of any muddled drink un muddled except citrus as the skin of citrus fruit is better crushed.

Combination ideas

- Lemongrass and Thai basil

- Fennel and dill

- Fresh mint and lemon rind

- Fresh mint and cucumber

- Lavender and strawberry

- Coriander and lime

- Kaffir lime and blackberries

+ Spice dried

Spices are best boiled and cooled to enhance flavour, some spices to try are cardamom, clove, cinnamon quills, vanilla pod and fennel seeds.

Spices may also need a little stevia powder to add some sweetness to the drink, taste test before serving.

Combination ideas:

- Vanilla pods boiled then cooled chop fresh peach into the cooled water and then leave to soak for two to three hours in the fridge

- Cold ‘chai’, boil a few cloves, cardamom pods and a cinnamon quill with one teabag and leave to chill, strain and serve with the cinnamon quill and a pinch of stevia

- Fennel and prune one teaspoon of fennel seeds with three prunes for one cup, boil, strain and cool, sweet and soothing for the stomach.


The sky is the limit here dependant on taste.

Roughly chop fruit to fill a third of the vessel. Steep the fruit in the water of choice in the fridge overnight, or leave the water and fruit out at room temperature for a few hours. Add ice before serving.

It is best not to muddle fresh fruit, the colour changes to brown in most cases and looks unappealing.

Combination ideas:

- Sliced lemon and raspberries

- Pineapple and chopped mint

- Starfruit and cucumber

- Thai basil and fresh mango

- Coriander, mint and mango Kiwi fruit and cucumber

- Cantaloupe melon and coconut water

- Strawberry and mint

- Pear and vanilla essence, add as many vanilla essence drops as desired

- Ginger and seeded black grape

- Blueberries and cardamom

- Citrus combination, lemon, lime, mandarin and orange


A great way to have instant cool flavoursome drinks. There are a number of ways to do this simple suggestion.

- You can simply wash fruit and dry it well, chop into 2 cms cube pieces and freeze. Ensure the fruit is not touching when you place it in the freezer as pieces may stick to each other.


- De seed, peel and blend fruit to a pulp and pour into ice cube compartments and freeze or juice fruit and freeze the liquid. They can be added to the water of choice with a sprig of fresh herb or a slice of lemon for decoration.


Boiling roots then cooling the liquid is the best way to get flavour from root plants.

Roots are generally a little bitter and therefore a sweetener of your choice may be needed dependant on taste.

Dandelion root can be found in powdered form for easy cool drink preparations.

Suggestions are:

- Liquorice

- Ginger

- Turmeric

- Dandelion


Again the sky is the limit, whatever tea you like can be made into a cooling soothing water drink.

Try some different varieties and add sweetener of your choice if required.

Suggestions are:

- Lady Grey

- Earl Grey

- Rose and Vanill

- Lavender

- Ginger and Lemon

- Rosehip

- Rooibos and Vanilla

- Green Tea

- Fruit Teas

- Peppermint

- Chamomile

- Chai


You can muddle (crush) any fruit or fresh herb to make water more palatable. It is a bit like crushing spices in a mortar and pestle, but on a bigger scale.

You will need a good solid non glass jug (just in case you get too enthusiastic and break the glass), and a long thick (about 2.5cms in diameter) baton to muddle with.

Place the ingredients in the bottom of the jug and crush them by rotating the baton 5 or 6 times crushing the fresh plant matter.

Muddling works best where you want immediate flavour.

If you have time (say overnight in the fridge) you may not need to muddle you can steep or leave the water and plant material for longer for the flavour to impart.


- Always muddle before adding water and ice

- Strain fruit with pips or seeds after muddling or soaking overnight for ostomates


- 1/2 lime (cut into 4 pieces)

- 2 - 3 sprigs of fresh mint, put one aside for garnish

- 2-4 cups of water of your choice

- Shaved or crushed ice


1. On a clean surface chop half a lime into four pieces, rough chop 2 sprigs of fresh mint

2. In bottom of the jug, place lime and mint

3. Using your baton crush lime and mint, this helps to release the juices and flavours from the plants

4. Add 2-4 cups of the water of your choice and serve over ice

5. Top with a sprig of mint leaf




Reference: Bowel Cancer Australia, Make the most of water.