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Recipe provided by Brent Savage (YELLOW, Sydney)

+ Cashew Butter             

cashews 400g lightly toasted

soy milk 400g

yeast flakes 20g

salt to taste (approx. 6 g)


Pre heat oven to 180 degrees.

Place the cashews on a flat pan and roast until golden (approx. 8 mins)

Add all ingredients into an upright blender and blend until smooth


+ Chipolte Oil    

Tomato paste 50 g

Chipotle chilli 100 g

vegetable oil 300 ml

Bay leaves 5

salt 15 g


Rough chop the chilli

Combine the oil and chilli in a pan and cook on a medium heat until the chilli begins to darken

Add the tomato paste and bay leaves to the oil and continue to cook for 15-20 minutes

Remove the bay leaves

Place all ingredients in a thermomix and put on high speed to combine into a paste

Spin on speed 5, at 80 degrees for 8 minutes

*If the chilli oil is too spicy, strain the chipotle pulp out of the oil and just use the oil.    


+ Tamarillo & Beetroot Dressing

beetroot juice 300g

tamarillo (whole) 8  

sherry vinegar 80g

maple syrup 60g

tamari 20g

xantana 3-4 g


Combine the beetroot juice and tamarillo in an upright blender. Blitz.

Pass the juice through a sieve.

Place the juice in a saucepan along with the maple syrup. Bring to a medium heat and reduce the liquid by half.

Place the liquid in a thermomix, add sherry vinegar and tamari. Spin.

Add the xantana to thicken

The liquid should become thick enough to coat the back of a spoon


+ Roasted Beetroot

Large beetroots 15

Olive Oil 30 mls


Coat the beetroots in olive oil                   

Place a cake rack in a gastro tray and then lay a piece of foil on the rack followed by a layer of baking paper               

Place the beetroots on the baking paper and cover with foil                       

Roast at 200'C until tender                         

Remove from the oven and cool                             

Peel away the skins and slice into 3 cm thick round discs


+ Red Witlof / Radiccio

Witlof / Radicchio 10 heads


Wash the witlof, remove the leaves

Set aside for service


+ Tamarillo

Tamarillo (fresh) 10

Cut into slices


+ To Serve

Prior to serving, place the beetroot discs on a small tray

Drizzle with the tamarillo and beetroot dressing, and the chipotle oil

Cook in the oven for 5 minutes and 180 degrees (you could also grill this over the charcoal)

Dress the witlof leaves in the tamarillo & beetroot dressing

Spoon the cashew butter onto the plate

Place one or two discs of beetroot on a flat plate (depending on size)

Place wedges of tamarillo (seasoned with salt and pepper) over / around the beetroot

Place the witlof leaves over the tamarillo


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