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Recipe provided by Alexis Gauthier

+ Ingredients

2kg fresh broad beans

1 garlic head

10cl single cream

3L water

80gm fresh ricotta cheese


Black pepper

Olive oil

Divide the volume of broad beans in 2.


With the first kilo:

+ Method

Chop 1 kg of broad bean (with their pods) 1cm thick.

Clean under running water for 5 minutes to make sure that any possible dirt is removed.

Peel the garlic head (retain a couple of garlic cloves for presentation) and smash flat the cloves on a board with your hand.

Pour some olive oil in a pan; when oil is hot add the garlic making sure that it doesn't colour.

Add the chopped broad beans and stir vigorously. Do make sure not to give any colouration (by doing so you will intensify the bright green colour of the soup).

When the broad beans are very shiny, add some salt, water and single cream.

Cover with a lid and cook for 12 minutes.

Blitz in a mixer for 10 minutes and pass thru a large-hole thieve. The soup should have a creamy texture. If too thick, add a bit of single cream mixed with salted water.

Keep in fridge for at least 4 hours before serving.


With the second kilo:

+ Method

Peel some garlic clove; slice them and slowly deep fried them in oil so they become slightly crunchy and a little bitter.

Double peel the broad beans making sure to remove every skin layers.

Once this is done, pour them into a vegetable bowl and season them with salt, pepper and olives oil.

Place the broad beans at the bottom of the soup plate and add a spoon of fresh ricotta cheese in each plate.

Season the ricotta with some rock salt, black pepper and olive oil.

Sprinkle the dry sliced of garlic.

Pour the very cold soup around and serve.