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By Cherie Hausler

Makes 3 very large jars.

+ Ingredients

3kg organic pickling cucumbers, washed
30 organic dill seed heads
60 - 70 fresh organic vine leaves
Sea salt

Filtered water

+ Method

The general idea is that you layer the cucumbers between alternating dill and vine leaves, so begin by placing a layer of vine leaves into the bottom of your washed jars. You could absolutely use a crock or pottery container for this, just best to avoid using anything metal or plastic.

Once you have a layer of leaves, then do a layer of cucumbers, then squash 3 -4 dill seed heads on top, stems and all. More vine leaves, cucumbers and dill until you reach the top of the jar. I try to use the shoulder of the jar to poke the final layer of cucumbers under, this helps keep them immersed in the salted water while theyre pickling.

Into every litre of filtered water, dissolve a quarter of a cup of salt, and pour enough salted water into the jar to completely cover the cucumbers. Seal and place in a dark, cool place to pickle.

This process will take between 2 - 4 weeks. You can check by having a little nibble on a cucumber at the top and if they are to your tasting, go ahead and hop in! Once opened, store in the fridge.