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+ Ingredients

4 thick-fleshed sweet green or red peppers
4 aubergines
6 red onions
A little vegetable or corn
Oil, for brushing
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
4“6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
½ tbsp sherry vinegar

A small handful of Greek basil or oregano leaves

+ Method

Fire up your wood-fired oven or set your conventional oven to its highest setting. Line two baking trays with kitchen foil and arrange the peppers and aubergines on one and the onions on the other. Brush the pepper and aubergine skins with a little vegetable oil, place in the oven along with the onions and cook for 30“45 minutes, until the skins begin to blacken and blister and the peppers and aubergines soften. You may need to leave the onions in a little longer, depending on their size.

Put the peppers in a bowl, cover with cling film and leave to cool a little (the steam this creates enables the skins to be removed more easily). Leave the onions and aubergines to cool on the trays.

Remove the cooled peppers from the bowl and cut in half lengthways. Using your hands, remove the skins and seeds, cutting away any skin thats proving tricky with a knife. Quarter the aubergines lengthways and cut the flesh away close to the skin with a knife. Halve the onions and remove the skins.

To serve, cut the pepper and aubergine flesh into strips, quarter the onions and arrange on a dish. Whisk the sherry vinegar and olive oil together in a small bowl and season to taste. Spoon the dressing over the vegetables and scatter over the basil or oregano to finish.

This dish of roasted vegetables “ generally made with sweet green or red peppers, aubergines and onions “ is commonly found in the Catalan region of Spain. It translates as ˜cooked in the embers,and is the perfect dish to cook in a wood-fired oven once you have finished cooking other dishes, though it can be cooked in a conventional oven set to its hottest temperature, under a very hot grill or on a covered barbecue as well.

Serves 4“6

Recipe from: On Baking, published by Quadrille Publishing