Meat Free Week Info

Meat Free Week challenges participants to give up meat for seven days and raise funds for a great cause.
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+ Sweet Berry Cream

+ Ingredients 

Ricotta cheese full fat 100 grams (or Tofutti®)

Teaspoon of honey if desired

Two strawberries finely sliced

2 fresh mint leaves shredded

Two slices of wholemeal wholegrain sourdough bread

+ Method

Mix Ricotta or Tofutti® with honey if desired

Toast Bread

Finely slice strawberries

Lay toast on a plate and top with ricotta/Tofutti® cream

Sprinkle shredded mint on top

Place strawberries on top of mint leaves serve warm or cool


+ Sunny Side Protein Boost

+ Ingredients 

½ mashed avocado 

Juice of half a lemon 

Cracked pepper to taste

2 eggs sunny side up 

Spray extra virgin olive oil

Two slices of wholemeal wholegrain sourdough bread

+ Method

Mash avocado with juice of lemon

Toast Bread 

Spray a pan with olive oil and cook until white is cooked and yolk is soft 

Spread avocado on toast

Top with egg sprinkle with cracked black pepper 


+ Peanut Butter Banana Blueberry Crunch ('the PBB')

+ Ingredients 

1 soft ripe banana

1 tablespoon of sugar free natural blueberry jam

1-2 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter

Two slices of wholemeal wholegrain sourdough bread

Cinnamon powder to decorate if desired 

+ Method

Thinly slice soft ripe banana 

Toast bread

Smooth crunchy peanut butter over toast

Spread blueberry jam on top

Layer banana on top of jam

Sprinkle with cinnamon if desired