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Warrigal is a Sydney word for Dingo or wild horse (Dharug Eora traditional language- indigenous Australian)



1½ cups of warrigal greens

½ cup basil leaves

100 grams of cashew nuts

180 mls extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

3 garlic cloves peeled

85 grams of Taleggio or vegan parmesan cheese

Extra parmesan for garnish

Pinch salt pepper and ground black pepper

Eight precooked fresh small baby beetroots

Fresh sourdough wholemeal wholegrain bread



Steam warrigal greens until soft let cool

Add garlic cloves, steamed warrigal greens and basil leaves, half of the EVOO in a blender and blend until thoroughly creamed

Add nuts and cheese and blend, adding more olive oil until you get to a paste like consistency that stays on a spoon, add salt and pepper to taste

Finely slice beetroot

Toast eight slices of sourdough bread, when warm spread with pesto and top with thin beetroot slices and sprinkle with extra vegan or other parmesan cheese