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Meat Free Week challenges participants to give up meat for seven days and raise funds for a great cause.
Are you up for the challenge? Register today and help make real change happen.

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Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well. Sign up for Meat Free Week this 21-27 September and help create real change #MeatFreeWeek #GetYourVegOut

Try a plant based menu for seven days this Meat Free Week. Get Your Veg Out on 21-27 September for a great cause #MeatFreeWeek #GetYourVegOut

21-27 September 2020 is Meat Free Week. Are you up for the challenge? Sign up at #MeatFreeWeek #GetYourVegOut

Your choices have the power to make real change happen #MeatFreeWeek #GetYourVegOut

Going meat free for one week creates a great opportunity to start thinking about how much meat you eat and the impact eating too much meat can have #MeatFreeWeek #GetYourVegOut

Consider the impact of eating too much meat #MeatFreeWeek #GetYourVegOut

Challenge yourself to give up meat this Meat Free Week #MeatFreeWeek #GetYourVegOut

Everyone is invited to take the Meat Free Week challenge and discover how easy it is to make small changes that can create a big difference #MeatFreeWeek #GetYourVegOut

I’m taking the #MeatFreeWeek Challenge. You can join me at #GetYourVegOut

We’re taking the #MeatFreeWeek Challenge. You can join us at #GetYourVegOut

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