Meat Free Week Info

Meat Free Week challenges participants to give up meat for seven days and raise funds for a great cause.
Are you up for the challenge? Register today and help make real change happen.

Warmest thanks to the leading chefs, foodies and veggie lovers from Australia and Europe who are encouraging people all around the world to join the Meat Free Week challenge, give up meat for a week and raise funds for a great cause! 

"Taking part in Meat Free Week is a fun and easy way to have a positive impact on the planet and on our health. It's also a way to become familiar with a whole variety of meat free foods and extend our range of imaginative menus. Enjoy!"

Paul, Mary, and Stella McCartney (Founders of Meat Free Monday). Photo Credit: © 2017 MPL Communications Ltd.

"For me, a meat-free diet is a world of exciting possibilities. Nothing inspires me more than head of broccoli, a bunch of vibrant rainbow carrots, or an abundant handful of Brussels sprouts. Vegetables are superheroes on our plates, nourishing our bodies, while allowing us to be endlessly creative with flavour, texture and colour. 

I support Meat Free Week because as responsible humans, we must take the time to consider how our food choices of today will affect our health, our earth and the generations of tomorrow. Going meat-free, even just for one day every week, or for one week a month, will make a huge difference for your body and the earth. Simply, it is the smart way to eat". 

Hetty McKinnon (Chef & Author).

 "By participating in Meat Free Week you can do your bit to bring about some positive change. So why not make a commitment to doing a good thing and “tread a little lighter” for seven days this Meat Free Week?" 

Simon Bryant (Chef and Television Presenter).

Meat Free Week 2017 Supporters banner 1135x500 Carolyn Creswell

"Meat Free Week is a great opportunity to change your routine, break some established habits and try some interesting, healthy and delicious new recipes. It's such a small thing to do for a big impact."

Carolyn Creswell (Founder and Managing Director of Carman’s).

Meat Free Week 2017 Supporters banner 1135x500 Teresa Mitchell Paterson

“As a nutritionist who has been personally affected by bowel cancer, I know how important diet and lifestyle can be in terms of disease prevention, progression and recurrence.

When it comes to eating meat and our health, less is more.

Daily consumption of more than 100 grams of red meat per day raises the risk of bowel cancer by 17%; for every 50 grams of processed meat eaten, daily risk increases by 18%.

We can’t change some bowel cancer risk factors such as genetic makeup, family history or increasing age, but we can make simple diet and lifestyle changes starting today for a better tomorrow.”

Teresa Mitchell-Paterson (Bowel Care Nutritionist at Bowel Cancer Australia).

"I believe in beautiful food and I believe in education – and for me – that's what meat free week is all about".

Rowie Dillon (Chef).

"I think it’s vital that we all inform ourselves about the effect the food we eat has on our bodies and the world around us. Cutting down on the amount of meat we eat can help us feel amazing and can be part of huge positive step for our planet. For me eating without meat opened up a new and exciting world of food, where meat is no longer the focus, allowing me to be more creative in the kitchen, to think about layering flavour and texture. It's an all-round win. Here's to vibrant, joyous, knock out delicious food that’s kinder to our bodies and the planet."

Anna Jones (Cook, Stylist and Writer).

“Due to various health conditions my doctor recommended a plant-based diet, since the change I’ve never felt better! I’m taking really good care of myself by training and eating properly and I think Meat Free Week is a great way to make people more aware of their diets."

Alessandro Pavoni (Chef).

"Here at Sustainable Table we love being involved in Meat Free Week because it’s a positive campaign that doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan you can be involved and discover some fab new recipes whilst learning about the health, environmental and ethical impacts of over-consumption of meat. Many of us aim to eat meat sparingly but can fall into old habits, so participating in Meat Free Week is a great way to re-calibrate and learn from each other." 

Cassie Duncan (Co-Founder and General Manager of Sustainable Table).

"Cooking seasonally feels very comforting and familiar and I'm always surprised with how harmoniously ingredients work together from their own season.

For me, flavour is the driving force and this has its roots in sourcing the very best produce that is in season and sustainably farmed.

Vegetables will always be the star of the show and each year I find myself excited at the arrival of the first crop of the season, from earthy morels and broad beans in Spring right through to the wonderful bitter leaves and root veg that Winter brings with it."

Skye Gyngell (Chef and Editor).


"To my mind, part of the fun of cooking is waiting for seasonal British ingredients to arrive fresh into the shops. There are so many different varieties to choose from throughout the year, that meat isn't always a necessary component to create a delicious dish."

Mark Hix (Chef and Restaurateur).

"My vision of healthy eating: Adopt a diet consisting of a variety of colorful foods that you enjoy eating in a pleasant environment. We need to re-think the way we nourish ourselves by including more plant-based foods, in order to respect our environment and ourselves. I support Meat Free Week 100%. Are you up for the challenge?"

Hubert Cormier (Dietitian, PhD).

« Ma vision de l'alimentation : manger coloré et varié dans une ambiance axée sur le plaisir et le positif. Nous devons repenser notre façon de s'alimenter en incluant davantage d'aliments d'origine végétale pour le respect de notre environnement et pour se respecter soi-même. Je soutiens à 100% Meat Free Week. Saurez-vous relevez le défi? »

Hubert Cormier (Nutritionniste, PhD).

"As chefs, we need to lead the way in helping people find interesting and delicious ways to make fruit and vegetables the star ingredient when they cook at home. We need to seriously reconsider the quantity of our meat consumption as its just not sustainable anymore.

For example I'm not sure if people are aware that it takes seven kilos of grain to make one kilo of beef. This is an exciting challenge for home cooks as well as professional chefs and I hope Meat Free Week will encourage people to eat less but better quality meat in the future."" 

Bruno Loubet (Chef and Restauranteur).

"I fully support the Meat Free Week campaign with the benefits not only extending to ones own health but to that of the planet. As a general rule I find the better the quality of the meat the better the flavour so spending a little more and eating it less often is a no brainer. Always look for the best and most ethically reared meat you can.”

Anna Hansen (Chef).

"Whilst meat is a treat that I love, I don’t want to eat it too often. It usually takes longer to cook than vegetables, is arguably less versatile and is significantly pricier. It can also be bad for our health and that of the planet.

Luckily Brits no longer only want meat with two veg on the side, but have realised that vegetables can be utterly delicious as the focus of a plate, especially when cooked with a little bit of care and attention."

Thomasina Miers (Cook, Writer and Television Presenter). Photo Credit: © Tara Fisher 2015.


"Even though I’ve never been a vegetarian, somehow I've been well known for my vegetable and fruit focused dishes ever since I created one of London’s first ‘garden menus’ back in the mid-nineties at my Pimlico restaurant Roussillon. Since then, the world has become far more aware of reducing daily meat consumption and focusing on quality has become a real priority for intelligent people. My seasonal fruits and vegetables tasting menu at my restaurant Gauthier Soho remains a popular choice for my diners every day."

Alexis Gauthier (Chef).

"As a dietitian who promotes low-processed plant-based foods, my goal is not to influence one person to become a vegan, but to encourage the general population to reduce their consumption of meat and highly processed products in order to have a major impact on health and on our beautiful planet!"

Marjolaine Mercier (Dietitian)

« Mon but en tant que nutritionniste faisant la promotion de l’alimentation végétale peu transformée n’est pas d’influencer une seule personne à devenir végane, mais bien d’encourager l’ensemble de la population à réduire sa consommation de viande et de produits transformés afin d’avoir un impact majeur sur la santé et sur celle de notre belle planète ! »

Marjolaine Mercier (nutritionniste).

"We eat three times a day. Which means that approximately a thousand times a year, through our food choices, we can choose to improve or harm our health and that of our planet."

Hélène Baribeau (Dietitian).

 « Nous mangeons trois fois par jour. C’est donc plus ou moins mille fois par année où, par nos choix alimentaires, nous pouvons choisir d’aider ou de nuire à notre santé, ainsi qu’à celle de notre planète. »

Hélène Baribeau (nutritionniste).

"As a Dietitian, eating healthy food is a big part of my life and I love being creative in the kitchen.  Having been personally affected by bowel cancer, I am very conscious of the importance of my family eating plenty of vegetables and less meat.   For me Meat Free Week is the perfect opportunity to experiment and try out new recipes and make vegetables and legumes  the stars of the show."

Julie Meek (Dietitian, Coach, Author and Speaker).